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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

100 Things I Love About My Boyfriend

 So I saw in an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine that people were doing a "100 Things I Love About My Boyfriend/Husband List"....and that it SHOULD be easy to just keep naming things til' you hit 100... there shouldn't be any stops, hesitations... because when you're in a relationship that is real & solid, even the tiniest things get noticed. 

Well...I like writing, I like coming up with creative ideas, and I like my boyfriend.  So, I figured I'd give it a try... and in less than 20 minutes flat, I was already at the end of my list...I gave it to him to read, and despite the manly man he tries to be, his heart melted... <3

100 Things I Love About My Boyfriend... (in no particular order)

1.  How good you always smell.
2.  The fact that your favorite color is purple.
3.  Your smile
4.  The way you went about getting my number J
5.  How you keep the same grip on my hand whether we are alone or in public.
6.  How you tell me about myself.
7.  That you really randomly will sing “Tootsie Roll” to me and know that I’m going to finish it.
8.  Your dimples.
9.  How you open every door I walk through.
10.  How often you tell me that I’m the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.
11.  How much you love your family.
12.  How much I love your family.
13.  Your honesty.
14.  The way you make me feel safe.
15.  All the nicknames you make up for me.
16.  How you never want me to say “goodbye”...only “see you later.”
17.  The fact that you watch the History Channel.
18.  The scar on the back of your head <3
19.  That you’re a good listener.
20.  That you call me out on my A.D.D. and make fun of me for it.
21.  How your laugh sounds more genuine than ever when I sneak attack you J
22.  Your beautiful heart.
23.  How silly you are, and how silly I am when I’m with you.
24.  How well you get along with my friends
25.  How you always tell me you miss me
26.  How you get annoyed at how sarcastic I am, but can’t help but laugh afterwards.
27.  That you like Sex & the City.
28.  That you are athletic.
29.  Your sexiness.
30.  How you make sure I’m always walking on the inside of the street and not the outside.
31.  How you get mad when I’m late, yet you’re always late.
32.  The way you love when I tell you when things are bugging me.
33.  Your goofy ass laugh.
34.  How you look perfect by my side.
35.  How when I’m not okay, you’re not okay.
36.  How funny you think I am.  J
37.  The way you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is roll over and hug me.
38.  Your generosity.
39.  How fast you can make me feel better
40.  The way you surprise me with little things.
41.  Your lips
42.  Your kisses
43.  That the picture on your phone is you and I <3
44.  How you THINK you originated the concept of saying something and then adding, “In the ___ voice,” when in reality, you didn't.
45.  That you watched RENT with me.
46.  How you hold me tight when you kiss me
47.  Your encouragement.
48.  The way you tease me, even when it bugs the hell out of me.
49.  How you’re a loyal friend, my BEST friend, before anything else.
50.  How much you love old people
51.  The way you text me just to say hey and see how my day is going.
52.  That you DON’T snore.
53.  How confident you are in yourself, without being vain.
54.  How you aren’t judgmental.
55.  The way you look at me and when I say, “what?” you tell me “nothing,” but have a slick little smirk on your face…so I know you’re thinking something.
56.  That you enjoy your space and give me mine.
57.  That you’re a Red Sox fan.
58.  How you love it when I wear heels.
59.  The way you get so into your stories when you tell them.
60.  The fact that you find nothin funny in the fact that you use girl’s deodorant.
61.  How you always wear your sunglasses…except at dinner, because you know I like seeing your face when we talk J
62.  That you bought a pink fish for your fish tank because I wanted one.
63.  Your intelligence.
64.  That you are always there when I need you to be.
65.  That you have 238423 purple tees.
66.  How much you love your friends.
67.  How you’re passionate about the things you do.
68.  How you love to eat….even though the way you chew is gross.  J
69.  The way you look at me.
70.  How much you suck at thumb wars.
71.  How you accept my issue with odd numbers and help make sure everything is even, like locking my car doors twice J
72.  How good you are at everything you do.
73.  The fact that you’re as competitive as I am.
74.  How you tell me I’m 1 of the strongest people you know, and how you seem to notice how strong I am at the points where I'M feeling weakest...
75.  How you can have conversations with me about real, deep, powerful stuff….or random, pointless, silly stuff.
76.  The way you make me feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt.
77.  Your voice.
78.  The way you dress.
79.  How you know and point out how good we look togetherJ
80.  How good your hand feels when it’s wrapped around mine.
81.  You’re open-mindedness (most of the time).
82.  Your sweet side.
83. Your not-so-sweet side.
84.  The way you can’t stand to see me cry, no matter what the reason is.
85.  The way you touch me.
86. Your logic (or lack thereof at times :) )
87.  How adorable you are when you iron your clothes.
88.  The fact that you love music so much, just like me.
89.  How you touch my hand or my leg while I’m driving.
90.  How your eyes squint when you smile too hard J
91.  How well you remember things.
92.  How intense your “I love you’s” are to me.
93.  The way your skin feels.
94.  When you tickle me just to see me smile, even though you know I hate it.
95.  The way you get your hair cut.
96.  The fact that out of everyone in the world, you want to be with me J
97.  How easily you turn me on.
98.  How I’m almost at number 100, and still feel like I could go on forever with this list…
99.  How you love me with the same intensity that I love you.
100. How you have no idea how much you truly affect me.


  1. omg i really dont want to read this because its going to make me cry.. i already know... and its going to make me want to write on myself... and toni would never read it (too much english).....

    but FML im sure ill end up reading this eventually!

    1. Write it In Google translator then!!!! The. Print and gives it to him!

  2. Omg that's so beutiful and that's good that yall both love each other soooo much and yall are perfect together I can tell